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Herbs are healthy
- Herbs are full of vitamins and minerals
- Environmentally friendly
- Enjoy the outdoor activities
- Gain pleasure watching the herbs grow
- A great parent and child activity
- Promotes a healthy lifestyle
- Quality guaranteed
- Teaching unit for schools
- Expand your organisation resource base

Herb Gardening & Vegetable Gardens Specialists - Herb Herbert - Fundrasing details

We have an extensive range of potted herbs including common Kitchen, Medicinal, Insect Repellant, Herbal Tea;
Fragrant Herbs, plus Gourmet Vegetables and other specialist lines.

Free consumer information is also available; fact sheets, handy hints for herb gardening and growing vegetables.
Valuable tips for successful herb gardens, planting vegetables and vegetable gardening in general.

Our herbs plants are available at leading garden centers. For a list of stockists click on 'Location Guide' on the left hand side navigation menu.

Consumer Workshop
• Self-run workshop
• Download from the web
• Available on CD
Presenter's Handbook which has been designed to assist retailers in successfully running a herb workshop within their retail environment.